Bowman White Oak Timber Frame

The “Bowman” white oak timber frame stands proud in the rural farm lands surrounding Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. This plan has four 32’ bent profiles with queen posts spanning the 48’ length of the timber frame. A 16’ wide hammer truss accents the gable wall of the master bedroom addition. On raising day the client’s family showed up in their horse drawn buggies with the elders and children to watch what our crew from Mercer, Pa would do with the timbers that had been so carefully placed on the deck. It was a pleasure to meet the local craftsmen as they stopped for short visits throughout the raising. Perhaps the best moment was after the raising, looking over to see the lady of the house standing in the area that was to be her kitchen. Those moments are the extra reward our crew gets for the hard work we put into each and every timber frame home we do.

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