Hybrid Timber Frame Home - Bridgeport Pennsylvania

The “Fitzgerald” located in Bridgeport, PA is a two story hybrid timber frame home offering 2800 sq. ft. of living space. The timber frame center section is 28' x 32' with 24' x 28' wing additions. One wing houses the master bedroom, spare room and (2) baths while the other wing serves as a garage. The center section includes a half loft on the second level leading into (2) bedrooms with a bath in one wing and a vast recreational room above the garage that is accessible from the loft area. Differing from the “Genaway” this timber frame design has a two story center section while the paneled wings offer the second story vaulted ceilings. This hybrid may also be customized to accommodate a larger or smaller center section. Looking further in our gallery, the “Ghent” has two story timber frame center sections with timber framing to the eight foot level in the wings, carrying the timber frame look into the kitchen and dining areas.