Hybrid Timber Frame Homes

Atlantic hybrid timber frame homes combine the old world craftsmanship of a timber frame with today’s modern home-building process. A timber frame hybrid home is a creative and less expensive way of enjoying the warmth and beauty of a timber frame structure. You are limited only by your creativity. Both the interior and exterior of the home can be designed just about any way you want.

Timber Frame Hybrids - The Advantages

This short video provides a layman's definition of a timber frame hybrid and gets into the advantages of this approach.

Hybrid Timber Frame Homes

Hybrid timber frame homes . . .

are becoming more popular as more home owners want to enjoy the craftsmanship of a timber frame home at a lower cost. 

Possibly you have an existing home and would like to expand it with a timber frame addition, like a great room. We can help you brainstorm your options and discuss what it would take to incorporate a timber frame section into your existing home or a new home design. 

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