Timber Frame FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions we get from our prospective clients. We hope you find them helpful. Don't hesitate to give us a call so we can help you in greater detail.

Q: You have many timber frame home plans on your site, but can you provide customized plans?

Yes. The timber frame home plans that are on our site today are there to give you ideas as you think about creating your own dream home or cabin. They serve as a starting point. We will work with you to customize a plan the meets your specific needs and wants.

Q: When creating the timber frames, do you use traditional mortice and tenon joinery? 

Yes. Not only do we use the traditional mortice and tenon joinery, but we also do something that many other timber frame builders do not -- we still handcraft the joints for a tight fit. We also cut all the timbers by hand. Most companies today use automated machinery to speed up the process, but we love working with wood and strongly believe doing some things the old fashioned way still produces the best results. It may take a longer, but we will not sacrifice quality for speed.

Q: How do the timber frame homes get erected on the site? 

Once the timber frame is complete, we will travel to your location with all the timbers in tow. Once on site, we will erect the frame to ensure it is done with the same attention, care and detail that was given during the timber frame creation process.

Q: Do you do also create hybrid timber frame designs? 

Yes. We have done many hybrid timber frame homes and it is a great way to enjoy the beauty of a timber frame at a reduced cost.

Q: Do you provide timber frame kits

We can provide a timber frame kit, however we don't encourage this approach. We like to take the responsibility of erecting the frame to ensure ultimate client satisfaction. However, if you have a builder that is familiar with this process, then we will ship the timber frame structure to you so your local builder can erect it for you.

Q: Can you also provide the Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)? 

Yes. We work with another company to ensure you have the high-quality panels you need to enclose your structure. For us, it is all about the quality and building your dream home.

Q: So why should I choose Atlantic Timberframes, Inc. to for my timber frame project? 

We realize this question is a little self-serving, but it is one we get all the time. The answer is simple, we love what we do! We are a family owned business that still creates timber frames with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction.  Check out our Timber Frame Craftsmanship Guarantee.

Have additional questions for our Timber Frame FAQs page? Please contact us.